Faith Radio Resource Page - Prayer

Programmer Content

Dr. Tony Evans - The Alternative
Igniting Kingdom Prayer (DVD Series - Volumes 1 & 2)

John MacArthur - Grace to You
Lord, Teach Me to Pray: An Invitation to Intimate Prayer (Book)

Kim Meeder - Focus on The Family (with Jim Daly)
Grabbing Hold of God
(Book: Hope Rising: Stories From the Ranch of Rescued Dreams)

Adrian Rogers - Love Worth Finding
The School of Prayer Series (CD or USB)

Charles Stanley - In Touch
Deepening Your Prayer Life: Approach God with Boldness (Book)


Michael Card
Heal Our Land

Nicole C. Mullen
Call on Jesus

Sanctus Real

Nicol Sponberg
Sweet Hour of Prayer

Third Day
Cry Out to Jesus


Meeting House Interviews

Jim Bolthouse - Presidential Prayer Team
Pause to Pray


Carter Conlon
It's Time To Pray

O.S. Hawkins
The Prayer Code

Janet McHenry
The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus

Julia Jeffress Sadler
Pray Big Things