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Friday, December 19, 2014
Life Changing!

Why Do You Support Faith Radio?

      “To  fulfill my obedience to God… but it also give me a joy
that is hard to explain. I encourage everyone to sit down and
look at the needs of Christian organizations and set out and
be more generous with what God has given you so you can
enjoy the great feeling that you receive when you support
good quality Christina organizations like Faith Radio.”

- Montgomery, AL

     “I support Faith Radio because I hear people testify what
it’s meant for their life…and when it changes people’s lives,
that’s important to me!”
- Wetumpka, AL

     “I support Faith Radio because it is a way of getting the
Gospel in the hands and ears of a person that perhaps would
never darkened the doors of a church.”
- Andalusia, AL

     “It is a wise investment in your own community! You may
not have time to be involved in local civic activities, but
through Faith Radio you touch the lives of the people where
you live.”
- Bonifay, FL

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