How to Pray for Faith Radio

1. Praise God for this Ministry!

There are so many great things happening at Faith Radio:

  • We hear daily about the lives being changed, people hearing about the Love of Jesus Christ for the first time, and others growing in their knowledge of Christ!
  • Many are now listening on their smart phones, utilizing our free app, expanding our territory.
  • As people utilize social media, our Faith Radio social media pages are there sharing the Good News with over 1,000 people per day!
  • We are now broadcasting audio in Baptist Health hospitals throughout central Alabama on channel 104 and at East Alabama Medical Center on channel 82.
  • Hundreds of prisoners are now hearing God’s Word in prisons each day via special radios tuned only to Faith Radio that also have an audio Bible on the devices – God is touching their lives with our powerful Biblical education broadcast for many who cannot read.
2. Pray that our Broadcast signal and message reaches many:
  • Pray for the message to reach those needing God's love and hope.
  • Pray for God’s Word to reach the lost like those who often share with us, "I was just searching on the radio dial and found Christ on Faith Radio.”
  • God's Word “does not return void” (Isaiah 55) and touches many hearts that tune in and listen.
  • Pray for our audience: Those ranging from prisoners to pastors; those alone in their cars or busy at their homes and/or offices; those nursing their crying babies, or those crying of loneliness in a nursing home; those who are disabled, blind, and/or bed-ridden; the many listening over the Internet; some tuning in from foreign mission fields; pray we help keep them “close to home” and encouraged with God’s Word.
3. Pray we are always doing Ephesians 4:15 "speaking the truth with love”:
  • We are communicators, and we pray that our first mission is to advance biblical truth.
  • Pray as we speak the truth in love… that we speak it winsomely, convincingly, and passionately!
  • Pray for those that need God’s direction and those that need God’s correction.
  • Join us in praying for Pastors throughout our community- that they will boldly speak and preach the truth of the Bible. 
4. Pray for the cheerful and giving hearts of God’s people:
  • God provides through the resources He has given His children; pray our listeners will support God’s work through this ministry at Faith Radio.
  • Pray people support their church first, and then support other Christian ministries like Faith Radio as they are blessed to do so.
  • Pray for people’s hearts to support and/or increase their support of God’s Work in this ministry.
  • Specifically, pray for more people and churches who will support the ministry.