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Jun 16, 2017

Intersection Podcast - 2017 Vol. 24

Speaker: Bob Crittenden

Series: Faith Radio

Category: Faith Radio, Intersection Podcast, The Meeting House

Keywords: gilbert, guckenberger, guernsey, kingsbury, laurie, pitts, silvoso

Greg Laurie, Karen Kingsbury, Ed Silvoso, Beth Guckenberger, Jordan Scott Gilbert, Nick Pitts, Andrew Guernsey

Greg Laurie (Harvest Crusades, Steve McQueen: The Salvation of an American Icon), Karen Kingsbury (Love Story), Ed Silvoso (Harvest Evangelism & Transform Our World Network, Ekklesia), Beth Guckenberger (Back 2 Back Ministries, Start With Amen), Jordan Scott Gilbert (Celebrity Confessions: Live from Broadway), Nick Pitts (Denison Forum on Truth & Culture), Andrew Guernsey (Family Research Council)