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Nov 10, 2017

Intersection Podcast - 2017 Vol. 45

Intersection Podcast - 2017 Vol. 45

Speaker: Bob Crittenden

Series: Faith Radio

Category: Faith Radio, Intersection Podcast, The Meeting House

Keywords: brannon, cheong, gardner, payne, pettrey, robichaux, weber

Candace Payne, Chad Robichaux, Marcus Cheong, Dani Pettrey, Judd Brannon, Travis Weber, Michael Gardner

Candace Payne (Laugh It Up), Chad Robichaux (Mighty Oaks Foundation, An Unfair Advantage, The Truth About PTSD), Marcus Cheong (Angels), Dani Pettrey (Blind Spot), Judd Brannon (Champion), Travis Weber (Family Research Council), Michael Gardner (Christian Care Ministry, which operates Medi-Share)