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Feb 09, 2018

Intersection Podcast - 2018 Vol. 6

Intersection Podcast - 2018 Vol. 6

Speaker: Bob Crittenden

Series: Faith Radio

Category: Faith Radio, Intersection Podcast, The Meeting House

Keywords: assad, may, mcdowell, meckler, nance, orr, stoppe

Chris and Katie Orr, Rhonda Stoppe, Michele Rigby Assad, Josh McDowell, Nina May, Mark Meckler, Penny Young Nance

Chris and Katie Orr (Philippians), Rhonda Stoppe (Real-Life Romance), Michele Rigby Assad (Breaking Cover), Josh McDowell (Josh McDowell Ministry), Nina May (Renaissance Women Foundation, Daily Bread), Mark Meckler (Citizens for Self-Governance), Penny Young Nance (Concerned Women for America)