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May 01, 2020

Intersection Podcast - 2020 Vol. 18

Intersection Podcast - 2020 Vol. 18

Speaker: Bob Crittenden

Series: Faith Radio

Category: Faith Radio, Intersection Podcast, Faith Radio Podcast, The Meeting House

Keywords: phillips, rose, warner, mendoza, hitchcock, del turco, costner

Mark Hitchcock, Herman Mendoza, Tom Phillips, Nick Warner and Jack Costner, Arielle Del Turco, Mark Rose

Mark Hitchcock - Showdown with Iran

Herman Mendoza (Promise Ministries International) - Shifting Shadows

Tom Phillips (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association) - Ignite Your Passion for Jesus

Nick Warner and Jack Costner - Jesus Geeks Computer Services Ministry

Arielle Del Turco - Family Research Council

Mark Rose - Alaska Long Hunters